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All cremations are performed individually. Cremation is performed by placing the decedent in a casket or other container and then placing the casket or container into the cremation chamber where the cremation takes place. Following a cooling period, the cremated remains, which normally weigh several pounds, are swept or raked from the cremation chamber.

After the cremated remains are removed from the cremation chamber, all non-combustible materials, such as bridgework, metal hips, and materials from the casket or container, such as hinges, latches, nails, etc., are separated and removed from the human bone fragments by visible or magnetic selection. This material is then given to a recycling company and all monies received by us are donated to various charities including Hospice, Children's Miracle Network, and others.

When the cremated remains are removed from the cremation chamber, the remains often contain recognizable bone fragments. These fragments are then mechanically processed (pulverized) and reduced to small granulated particles that are placed in the urn or temporary container with the stainless steel identification tag.